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Vantelin Ankle Support Cool Fit (Light Blue / Light Pink) 1 pc

Vantelin Ankle Support Cool Fit (Light Blue / Light Pink) 1 pc

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Vantelin Ankle Support Cool Fit uses super thin, highly breathable dry-mesh fabric in a portion of the support to reduce heat and moisture build up. Absorbent quick dry material enhances wearing comfort.

Vantelin's signature taping structure gives you reliable support, while Cool Fit technology delivers cool and dry sensation for prolonged wearing.

This ankle support can be worn under clothing while providing comfortable support and stability for wobbly ankles.


  • Cool Fit technology: 19% thinner and 25% more breathable vs current standard Vantelin Ankle Support range
  • Special ‘breathable’ material + knitting pattern which allows for better air circulation and faster drying of perspiration
  • Figure-Eight Taping Structure - The knitted mesh figure-eight wraps around the ankle and foot to provide extra joint support when running, walking and performing daily activities
  • Arch Support Taping Structure - The arch support taping structure raises the arch to enhance its cushioning function, thereby reducing fatigue
  • Anchor Structure - Seamless top and bottom cuffs prevent slipping of the support and stabilize the figure-eight taping structure


  1. Slide foot into ankle support with the bottom of the "V" pointing down
  2. Position the figure-eight taping structure around your ankle and arch of foot
  3. Smooth the brace so there is no bunching
  4. Always wear the support directly on skin


Use this shoe size that you usually wear as a guide to choose the size

If two sizes apply, choose the larger.

» Medium (M) Size: (JP) 24cm - 26cm

Women (M): (US) 6.5in - 8.5in

Men (M): (US) 6in - 8in

» Large (L) Size: (JP) 26cm - 28cm

Women (L): (US) 8.5in - 10.5in

Men (L): (US) 8in - 10in

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» Do not use if you have either a sprain, fracture or ligament injury, peripheral vascular disorder, abnormality such as injury, blotchiness, rash at site where support is to be worn, chronic dermatitis / allergy to chemical textile or rubber
» If you experience any of these, stop using immediately and consult your healthcare professional
» If you are wearing Vantelin Ankle Support for a prolonged period of time, remove the support periodically to rest your ankle before wearing the support on again
» Do not use when sleeping
» To avoid tearing, make sure that Vantelin Support cannot be caught on the toenails. Trim them, if necessary

1 Ankle Support (fits LEFT or RIGHT ankle)

» Hand wash separately in warm (not hot) water below 40°C
» Do not bleach
» Do not tumble dry
» Hang and air-dry. Avoid direct sunlight
» Iron at low temperature. Do not steam iron
» Do not dry clean
» Expiry date: 3 years from manufacturing date


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