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PIC Solution

Insupen Insulin Pen Needle 4MM x 33G 100's

Insupen Insulin Pen Needle 4MM x 33G 100's

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33G being the THINNEST insulin pen needle IN THE WORLD.

Less Pain compared to other pen needles.

PIC Solution Insupen insulin pen needle is fully MADE IN ITALY 🇮🇹

What are they?

Sterile, disposable pen needles using the PIC needle, created in line with the IndolorTM Experience principles.

What do they do for you?

They give you a comfortable and practically painless injection thanks to PIC technology, including an exceptionally small outer diameter, thinner walls, triple sharpening and the lubricating treatment of the needles.

What makes PIC Insupen unique?

PIC Insupen comprises needles range that matches the reduction of the needle outer diameter with a broad variety of lengths in order to meet every injection need.

What makes PIC Insupen even more unique?


PIC Insupen's research brings to you the 33G needle, cutting edge of indolorTM technology. It is the smallest made by PIC, 4 mm long with a diameter of 0.20 mm, giving an almost pain-free injection.

And then there's the evolution of Thin Wall, a large internal diameter that speeds up the insulin flow to reduce the injection time.  But the secret lies in the tripled-sharpened needle, which is lubricated to facilitate penetration of your skin and minimize pain.

The 33G, 32G and 31G needles use Extreme geometry, with long, narrow angles for less painful injections. In addition, the needle point has undergone  low-friction treatment to make it easier to insert into the insulin cartridge and less likely to fragment.

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