The Right Way to Walk with Quad Cane

The Right Way to Walk with Quad Cane

Quad canes may look like a simple walking aid that anybody can master it as soon as they put their hands on. Looks can be deceiving, most first time user got it wrong and not surprisingly, many users are not using it the right way to realise its full potential!

In this post, we will go through the steps to use them in a simple manner.

Firstly, which hand?

Hold the quad cane on the opposite side of the weaker leg. For examples, if the right leg is weaker or injured, hold the quad cane on the left hand, and vice versa.

Secondly, what height?

Adjust the height of the quad cane until the handle is at wrist height, slight bend of the elbow should be observed while holding the cane.

Thirdly, let's start walking.

Advance the cane always with the weaker or injured leg, and the stronger leg follows. Sounds complicated, watch the video at the end for better visuals.

Lastly, all four tips should touch the floor to ensure maximum stability.

There you go, the correct way to walk with a quad cane.

Here's a video for better illustration of the steps:

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