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Gluco Dr Auto Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter Starter Kit

Gluco Dr Auto Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter Starter Kit

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Contents per pack:

Monitoring device, 25 test strips, lancing device, 10 lancets, 1 storage bag, 1 battery, carrying case, and package insert

How to use:

1. Insert a test strip. The meter will automatically turn on. Check the code number. The code number
displayed on the meter must match the one on the test strip vial.

2. Apply the blood drop to the side edge of the yellow window of the test strip.

3. Wait for the blood drop to completely until the yellow window of the test strip, then the meter will begin the countdown.

4. The blood glucose result will be displayed on the meter in just 5 seconds.


- Store the meter at a temperature between 0~40 degrees
- Store the meter at a place where the relative humidity is less than 85%.
- Keep the meter in a sanitary environment.
- Keep the meter away from direct sunlight.
- Keep the test port away from dirt, blood, or water.
- Do not store your meter and test strips in the car, the bathroom, or the refrigerator. (sensitive to temperature and humidity)
- Keep the meter, test strip vials, and lancing materials away from children.
- Clean the outside of the meter using a moist (not wet) cloth or tissue with isopropyl alcohol or a mild detergent with water. Do not immerse the meter in water or other liquid.
- Discard test strip after opening for 4 months
- Do not use the expired test strip


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