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Colostrum Powder Forte 500g

Colostrum Powder Forte 500g

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  • The source of colostrum is now patented with microencapsulation technology (better withstands heat and gastric acid)
  • Source of lutein is patented with microencapsulation technology and the strength has been increased from 150mg to 165mg
  • Probiotic count has been increased to 10^13 cfu/gm
  • GMP certified
  • High in Zinc

Why Colostrum Powder Forte?

Colostrum Powder Forte is an unique combination of Colostrum powder with DHA, Lutein, Prebiotics FOS, 7 types of Probiotics with more than 1x10^13  cfu/gm, Calcium, and higher in IgG (contains 1500mg per 100gm), to assist your whole family members to achieve optimal body total wellness.

Antibodies (IgG) and immune factors (lactoferrin) help to prevent:

  1. Respiratory infections (colds and flu).
  2. Intestinal infections (diarrhea, food poisoning, vomiting).
  3. Viral infections (fever, diarrhea, rashes).
  4. Allergies (runny nose, sinus, asthma, hives, eczema, rashes).

Direction To Use:

Mix 1 scoop or 30gm of colostrum powder to 180ml warm water. Stir and consume immediately.

Adults (Age 13 and above): 30gm or 1 scoop once a day.

Children (Age 3 to 12): 15gm or 1/2 scoop once a day

Infant (Age 1 to 2): 5gm or 1 tea spoon. Once a day.

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