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Sanjin Compound Watermelon Frost 3g 西瓜霜

Sanjin Compound Watermelon Frost 3g 西瓜霜

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Traditionally used for symptomatic relief of sore throat, toothaches, minor burns, and cuts.

Direction to use:

For Sore throat: Spray the medicine powder directly onto the affected part, several times a day.

For serious cases: Puff the medicated powder once every 2-4 hours and simultaneously take orally 1-2gm per day.

For toothache: Puff the medicated powder (Of stuff with absorbents cotton stained this medicated powder) onto the teeth and swollen gums. The swelling and pains will be relieved in a few minutes.

For minor burns and cuts: Mix adequate edible oil with this medicated powder and apply to the affected part until pains is relieved and the wound is healed.

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If symptoms persist, please consult a doctor. Keep away from reach of children, keep in a cool dry place.

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