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Reparil Gel N 40g for Pain Relief

Reparil Gel N 40g for Pain Relief

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A fall, a knock or a twist can hurt or bruise skin tissue. Often, bruises might occur in the most unsuspecting ways. Speedy recovery might be the only solution in situations that cannot be avoided.

This is where Reparil Gel N comes in handy:

-Reparil Gel N, a unique combination of aescin and diethylamine salicylate, is formulated not only to treat pain and inflammation of skin tissue injuries, but also the swelling. Selling is often the precursor of further pain and inflammation.

-Aescin is a highly purified natural molecule extracted from the horse chestnut plant. It effectively treats swelling and has an anti-inflammatory property. Diethylamine salicylate works as an analgesic to promote quick pain relief.

-Reparil Gel N is indicated for all types of skin tissue injuries, such as muscle over-stretching, crush injuries, joint sprains and bruises, injuries typically encountered in sports activities and common domestic accidents.

-Reparil Gel N may also be effective for chronic pain such as lower back pain and neck pain.

-Reparil Gel N gives a cooling effect after application, which is essential to subside swelling and bruises as it reduces blood flow to the affected skin tissues.


Apply Reparil Gel N immediately onto the affected area, three to four times a day for optimal relief.

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