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MEGA Gazgo Relieve Gas Simethicone 200mg Capsules 10's

MEGA Gazgo Relieve Gas Simethicone 200mg Capsules 10's

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GAZGO is an anti-flatulence formulation with high strength of 200mg simethicone.

Its convenient dosage provides fast relief for those with excessive intestinal gas symptoms.

It comes in small size softgel capsule which is easily swallowed without giving unpleasant chalky taste.

  • Gazgo Relieves Gas Fast, Anti flatulence, indigestion
  • Gazgo contains Simethicone which allows the mucus surrounding the air bubbles in the digestive tract to clump together. So that the gases are released and removed more easily by belching or fart.
  • Simethicone is physiologically inert and does not affect the absorption of nutrients or gastrointestinal secretions. After oral administration, the drug is excreted unchanged in the stool.

How to use Gazgo

  • Adults: 1 capsule once or twice a day, after meals or at bedtime or as directed by a doctor.
  • Children: as directed by the doctor.

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