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Life Fill

Life Fill C8 MCT Oil with Tocotrienols 225mL

Life Fill C8 MCT Oil with Tocotrienols 225mL

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MCT - Fuel for Your Brain

One of the most interesting aspects of MCT consumption lies in its ability to boost brain power. While research in this area is still in very nascent stages, several communities and groups stand to benefit from the findings.

Although the brain relies primarily on glucose for fuel, ot can use alternative fuels such as monocarboxylic acids, lactate, and ketones to maintain energy homeostasis. MCTs are made of medium-chain fatty acid esters of glycerol. They offer a readily available non carbohydrate fuel source because they are rapidly absorbed and quickly metabolized. Also, the metabolism of MCTs promotes the generation of ketones which is a direct source of fuel for the brain.


Who can benefit from MCT Oil's brain energy-boosting properties?

Patients afflicted with Alzheimer's and other form of dementia

The effect of MCTs on individuals affected by impaired memory functioning such as those with early-onset Alzheimer's and dementia. As we get older, our brains begin to lose the ability to process glucose as brain fuel and brain cells can sometimes become insulin-resistant. In case of Alzheimer's patients, their brain cells essentially lose the ability to absorb the glucose they need and subsequently die. Because MCTs don't undergo the regular digestion process - and instead go straight to the liver - there is an increase in ketone production in the body. This is what the body burns for fuel and what goes straight to the brain, which is beneficial in situations.

Cyclists and other endurance athletes

As with any endurance sport, cyslists often have to go through strenuous training programs to not only improve physical stamina but also the ability to focus for long periods of time. Cyclists who have incorporated MCT oil into their nutritional regime have found that MCTs improve mental focus and energy availability. 

Anybody who needs lasting mental energy

Many existing MCT oil and powder proponents have experienced a surge in mental alertness after incorporating MCT products in their daily diet. The simplest way to begin your journey with MCT is by including a tablespoon of it in your hot beverage of choice (like coffee or tea) or just by consuming a spoonful of it on its own.


How can MCT drive keto diet-driven weight loss?

Since MCT absorption in the body is much quicker and less complex than the usual digestive process, the lover converts some of the MCTs into ketones. When you're on the keto diet and your body finds that it no longer has access to large amount of carbohydrates, it starts looking for alternative fuels. Ketones are by-products that are created when the body begins to break down fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

MCT oil and MCT powder have become important ingredients in several keto lifestyles because not only have MCTs been linked to fat burning - they also contribute to increased satiety and more importantly, building and safeguarding lean body tissues.


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C8 MCT Oil

Whats's more about LifeFill C8 Tocotrienols?
Gluten Free
Keto Friendly

Store in a tightly sealed original container and away from sunlight. Preferable in a cool and dry place. After opening, product can be refrigerated.

Best Way to Consume LifeFill C8 Tocotrienols
Coffee, Smoothies, Salad Dressing, Shake

Serving Suggestion
Begin by using 1 tablespoon (10ml/ day) until personal tolerance is reached. Excessive consumption may cause digestive discomfort

Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18 and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before consuming this product or any dietary supplement.

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