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Life Factor

LIFE FACTOR® La Jeunifique™ NMN+ Experience Cellular Rejuvenation as Everlasting Light 15's

LIFE FACTOR® La Jeunifique™ NMN+ Experience Cellular Rejuvenation as Everlasting Light 15's

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TIMELESS & TRANSLUCENT! Experience cellular rejuvenation as everlasting light!

La Jeunifique NMN+™ contains a full effective dose of pharmaceutical-grade NMN (99% purity), clinically proven to boost NAD+ levels in human subjects. The formula is enriched with Belight³™, a patented skin-brightening, dermatologist-tested dark-spot corrector from France.

⚪Uthever™ NMN (300mg) | The clinically proven immediate NAD+ precursor.

Uthever™ NMN is a patented, high-purity (99%), high-stability, and clinically proven form of NMN that can boost NAD+ levels in human subjects.

🔍A clinical study involving healthy subjects between the ages of 45-60 years who were administered 300mg of Uthever™ NMN showed 11.3% increase in serum NAD+ at day 30 and 38% increase in serum NAD+ at day 60. Optimal NAD+ level is needed to maintain various fundamental cellular functions including anti-aging, DNA repair, genomic stability, cellular senescence, immune cell function, cognitive health, metabolic pathways and energy metabolism.

🔍The trial also showed a noticeable improvement in skin condition, including a reduction of spots, fine lines, and freckles, improved skin moisturizing, tautness, less noticeable lines, and whitening. All these positive effects were observed after an oral intake of 300mg of NMN daily.

⚪Belight³™ (300mg) | The Patented Skin Brightening, Dark-Spot Corrector

Belight³™ is a patented nutricosmetic that offers TRIPLE-ACTIONS brightening effects. It comprises a synergistic blend of grape monomers of flavanols, licorice extract, vitamin C, and grape viniferin, which have all been dermatologically tested and clinically proven to be effective. Specifically, Belight³™ is designed to correct hyperpigmentation, lighten dark spots, and regulate melanin overproduction for a more even and radiant complexion.

Grape viniferin is a dimer of resveratrol, consisting of two resveratrol units joined together. Research studies have shown that grape viniferin is four times more potent than kojic acid and resveratrol in hindering the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme that participates in the production of melanin responsible for skin pigmentation.

🔍A 60-day single-blind, open-label consumer study involving 100 participants with skin hyperpigmentation under dermatological control, who were administered 300mg of Belight³™ daily, showed remarkable results:

☑Even skin tone by 30%

☑Reduced dark spots in 82% of tested subjects

☑Decreased tyrosinase activity by 85%

☑Results seen as early as 10 days of supplementation

☑Reduced age-related dark sports by 30%

☑Reduced sun-related dark sports by 40%

☑82% of subjects noticed a reduction of their dark spots after 60 days

Formulated for:

👉 Individuals aged ≥ 35 years old

👉 Premature ageing

👉 Cognitive decline

👉 Hectic lifestyles

👉 Tired & lethargic individuals

👉 Melasma & hyperpigmentations

👉 Ageing spots/ sunspots/ dark spots

👉 Uneven skin tone

👉 Dull skin

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