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HEMOpran Protective Endorectal Cream 35mL for Piles

HEMOpran Protective Endorectal Cream 35mL for Piles

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HEMOpran Protective Endorectal Cream is recommended as and adjuvants in the treatment of the varicose hemorrhoidal syndrome (internal & external) and of irritations of the anal and perianal mucous membrane.

It forms a lubricant film, preventing common irritation due to friction, in the presence of hemorrhoids, often caused by constipation, sedentary lifestyle, orthostatism and pregnancy, relieving the pain, burning and itching sensation.

Hemopran is a protective endorectal cream formulated with herbal extracts. It helps with relieving itching, burning and pain.


  1. Before using Hemopran cream, cleanse carefully the anal and perianal area with specific cleansers and dry properly.
  2. Remove the cap and then the aluminium seal on the tube opening the fix the cannula on the tube. Insert the cannula in the anus and press the tube to apply the desired amount of cream.
  3. After using Hemopran, remove the cannula and wash with soap and water. The cannula is reusable.
  4. Repeat the treatment up to 3-4 times during the day until the symptoms disappear.


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