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Aluminium Underarm Shoulder Crutches (Pair)

Aluminium Underarm Shoulder Crutches (Pair)

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Shoulder crutches should be used in pair to maximise the usability. Made of aluminium and comes with 3 sizes (adjustable) for users of different heights.

Suitable for user recovering from lower limb injuries such as ankle sprains, knee strains and similar injuries.


  • Foam underarm pad
  • Foam handle
  • Height adjustable with a button mechanism

How to use:

  1. Choose a size according to your height.
  2. When standing straight, the top of the crutches should have about 1.5 inches gap between it and your armpit.
  3. Adjust the handpiece (if necessary) to allow a slight bend on your elbow when using.
  4. Adjust the height by pressing the buttons with corresponding heights display on the side of the button holes.
  5. You should feel your body weight support through your arms, not your armpits.

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