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Life Fill

Life Fill C8 Premium MCT Oil 225mL

Life Fill C8 Premium MCT Oil 225mL

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Why choose products made of 100% pure Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)?

MCTs are digested more quickly since they are taken straight to the liver and converted into energy with only a small portion being converted into body fat. That's what these 'good fatty acids' an ideal and clean source of long-lasting energy, since they contribute to enhanced endurance, improved metabolism and increased insulin functioned.


How do products made of 100% pure MCTs work?

To understand the significance of consuming products made from 100% pure MCTs, let's briefly take a look at the chemical structure of triglycerides - the technical term for fat. LCTs are made of 13 to 21 carbon atoms; MCTs are made of 6-12 carbon atoms and short-chain fatty acids are made of fewer than 6 carbon atoms.

MCTs are more easily digestible because they do not require the intervention of bile to be processed and broken down. The longer the fatty acid chain, the more complex absorption becomes. Unlike carbohydrates - which are regarded as typical source of immediate energy - MCTs do not raise blood sugar or increase insulin levels. However, this doesn't mean that all types of MCTs are effective sources of long-lasting energy. There are four variants, which are:

  • C6 - Caproic Acid
  • C8 - Caprylic Acid
  • C10 - Capric Acid
  • C12 - Lauric Acid

Out of these, C8 and C10 acids are the only two that are really beneficial for energy metabolism. While coconut oil has traditionally been considered nature's 'ultimate' source for MCTs, roughly only 60% of this oil is rich in MCT content as it also contains long-chain fatty acids. A large amount of the MCTs found in coconut oil are made of Lauric Acid, which behaves almost like an LCT because of its longer carbon chain. While this still doesn't take away from the immense health benefits offered by coconut oil, not everyone enjoys the taste. This is where products like Life Fill MCT can bridge the gap.


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Caprylic Acid Medium Chain Triglyceride (C8 MCT Oil)

Suitable for Vegan
KETO Friendly
Gluten Free

Best Combine with:
Coffee, Salad Dressing, Shake, Smoothies

Begin by using 1 tablespoon (10ml / day) until personal tolerance is reached. Excessive consumption may cause digestive discomfort.

Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18 and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before consuming this product or any dietary supplement.

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