Stress & Sleep

Stress & Sleep

It is no secret that we now know that stress has a complicated relationship with sleep and more evidences are showing up as science progresses.

As we progress as human beings in the modern society, it is almost inevitable that we experience certain amount of stress as we grow older. Some people manages them better than the others and for those who doesn't manage stress in the life all that well, may suffer the wraith it brings.

Today, we talk about the relationship of stress and sleep.

Have you ever felt that during certain stressful period of your life, it is harder to fall asleep and somehow it becomes a vicious cycle? The less you sleep, the more tired you wake up the next day, and it becomes more stressful because you're performing less optimally. So which part shall we tackle first in order to solve the issue?

We have sleep on one hand and stress on the other.

One thing about stress is that it can get carried over from day to night. It essentially means that if we're unable to relax during the day, we won't be able to enjoy a peaceful night as well. Once we understand this unique relationship, we can start to act on reducing the stress during the day. Most obvious way to do it is by managing our expectations and reduce the amount of internal stress (since external stress is harder to control) by practising some mindfulness activities to relax ourselves. At the same time, we can also seek help from some well researched supplements such as Ashwagandha, Magnesium, Sceletium Tortuosum and more. These supplements are known to help the user to relax or calm down during the day so that their nights become better in terms of sleep.

Hope you find this short post helpful and feel free to share with your friends and loved ones!

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