Meet ADL- The mobility condition measurement

Meet ADL- The mobility condition measurement

ADL- Short name for Activities of Daily Living

There are 6 levels of ADL that helps us to understand the level of mobility of the individual currently at. ADL is also a way to measure the ability for individual to carry out his/her daily activities. They are:

ADL 0- Can walk independently

Able to walk and carry out activities independently, without any assistance.

ADL 1- Walk with walking aid

Require minimal form of assistance such as walking canes, pace of walking is slower than ADL 0.

ADL 2- Walk with human assistance

Usually require human aid to walk or at least use a walking frame to move around. May need some help when going to toilet.

ADL 3- Stand with human assistance

Unable to walk by themselves, able to stand for brief moment with human assistance and monitoring.

ADL 4- Sit up with human assistance

Able to sit up from lying position with human assistance. Require assistance in most daily living activities.

ADL 5- Bedridden

On complete bed rest most of the time and unable to walk, stand and sit up by themselves at all.

These classifications will help us to identify and deduce the types of assistance an individual needs when suggesting solutions to aid in their daily living. With the correct tools, caregivers will be able to perform their task easily and avoid unnecessary injuries.

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