Big Wheels or Small Wheels?

Big Wheels or Small Wheels?

Ever wonder why some wheelchairs come with big rear wheels and some with small rear wheels? I bet your usual perception of wheelchairs are those that come with those big rear wheels and with chrome surface, right?

So let's find out what are the differences!

First of all, we call them differently. We call those with small rear wheels "Pushchairs" and those with big rear wheels "Wheelchairs". From the naming differences, you should be able to tell that one of them requires "push" and indeed, pushchair will need to be pushed by caregiver and cannot be propelled by the user on their own.

Secondly, are their weights. Bigger wheels come with extra weight and if not necessary, wheelchair should only be chosen if the user chooses to propel him/herself sometimes.

Lastly, their sizes. This feature makes a lot of difference when caregiver tries to fit the equipment into the car boot. Extra space saving goes a long way especially when travelling for long distances, it means more space for other luggages. Usually, the lighter pushchairs make it easier for caregiver to load and unload from the vehicle.

I hope this article makes it easier for you! Of course, if you require any assistance, we are always ready to help here at Beyond Care.

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